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How to Sell your Products Online

If you are the business owner of any offline store, then during the COVID-19 Pandemic you have faced a lot of difficulties in selling your products during the lockdown phases. Even after that people are scared of buying things from any shops by visiting them physically. They moreover prefer online stores rather than offline stores due to the contactless features and also they can able to get their things at the doorstep without much effort. So many small business owners now trying to sell their products online to avoid a situation like COVID. If still now you have not created your online store then you are leaving your money on the table. If you are not sure how to create your store online and how to sell your product online then here we are providing you with some tips regarding how to sell your product online.

Whether you are a small business owner or a micro vendor or you are trying to set up a business, you need to care about some major things. Below are some questions you should ask yourself before starting any business. 

1. Have you decided on your Product?

Before doing any online business you need to know about your business. Which product you want to sell online you have to decide that first. Whenever you are choosing any product to sell you must have to take care of a few things like,

  1. It must solve users’ pain point.
  2. What extra quality you are giving than the existing one.
  3. Always answer to customer’s why.
  4. Your product must go with the consumer’s hobby

Before choosing any product to sell make proper market research on that product so that you can get the real picture that if your product will be sold or not. 

2. Have you done any Market Research on that product?

Doing market research on the product you want to sell is also an important aspect for any business owner. Proper research can let you know the trends of your product, the consumers, the growth in the market, and the future sustainability of your product. Proper Market research can provide you an idea about your customers and potential customers and their behavior towards your product and Also, provide you a better vision to set goal. Having good marketing intelligence can minimize the risk for your business. it is very necessary to keep an eye on Market Research for any kind of product or business. Some of the trending products in 2020-21 were Shapewear, Health Care, Skin Care, Hobbies and Craft, Lamps and Shades, Travel accessories, Healthy and beauty products, Smartwatches, Mobile Accessories, Pet products, Fine jewelry.

3. Who else is doing the same business in your locality?

Competitors Research is another key concept for starting any business. Before deciding on any product to sell as a newcomer to the industry you must have knowledge about your competitors. As a local shop owner, you have to find the competitors of your locality and research what type of product they are giving and how you can compete with them. Competitors Research will focus on the following concepts.

  1. First Identify your competitors in your locality.
  2. Gather information about your competitors.
  3. Analysis of your competitors’ strength and weakness.
  4. Try to find out what is the best they are selling First Identify your competitors in your locality.
  5. Analysis of your competitors’ strength and weakness.
  6. Try to find out what is the best they are selling.

4. What the niche of your Product?

Niche is the segment of a larger market that uniquely defines its need and identity to stand in the market. Such as T-shirt is a product, then its niche could be men’s T-shirts and Women’s T-Shirts and we can segment them in more detail as we enter into each segment. Before going to sell your product you must know the niche of your product. What you can give the best to the market. It will define the specific product features. It will need strong research on the market to select the niche of the product. 

The most common ways to define your niche:

  1. Find your niche which you are passionate about.
  2. Clear about your niche market value whether it is trending or not and if it will give you profit or not.
  3. Thorough research on its past and present trends.
  4. Find the problem statement of your niche market.
  5. Brainstorming on Amazon’s best sellers page to get a right direction.
  6. Quality of the Product.
  7. Demography.
  8. Locations

5. Do you have any idea about your Customers?

Know your customers can make your business done by sixty percentage. Before starting any business you must have an idea about your customers otherwise you could not able to guess if your product will work in the market or not. So first of all you have to define your audience with their proper demography. Building your customer profile is an important aspect of your business because from that you can get a clear idea about who will be your customers and what will be their requirements and how they need your products. Define your customers and create a Customer Persona for better understanding. Segment your customers according to their demography like age, gender, location, interests, occupation, and income, so that you have the idea regarding your customers that what exactly they love.


Some tips to define your customers?

  1. Define your product in terms of your customers
  2. Define your prospective customers
  3. Define the location of your customers
  4. Define the benefits of your product for the customers
  5. Determine the buying strategy of your customers how they buy the product in the past what was their buying strategy

6. Have you decided on the selling Platform?

After deciding on a product to sell now you can decide on which platform you want to sell. Now so many online platforms are available to sell your product. Broadly you can categorize them into two ways. One platform is Social Commerce and another is an E-commerce Platform.

1. Social Commerce Platform:

Social Commerce abbreviated as S-Commerce is the integration of Social Media and Shopping. Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and some other platforms help to promote and sell products.  Social Commerce will give social proof on the product or service which is helping you in creating branding. You can find most of your customers active on the different social media platforms, so it will be helpful for you to draw their attention to your product through social media channels. You can make your own shops on different social media pages so that people will buy them from your social marketplace. Facebook has launched a marketplace for online sellers to sell their products. 

2. E-commerce Platform:

Creating your own online store through an E-commerce store is another way to sell your product online. For creating your own E-commerce store there are various websites and Apps like Shopify, WordPress, Big Commerce, Wix, Magento. Also, you can sell your products by signing into websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBayEtsy, Google Express, Walmart  .


It has always been confusing for any business owner to start a business online. Whenever you are selling your product online, the online marketplace is playing a game-changing role in the promotion of your shop or product. We hope you are getting the best result from our blog How to Sell online Product Online in 2022.

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