10 ways to attract customers

10 Ways to Attract your Customers towards your Business with Low Marketing Cost

Customer is King”- an old age Business Mantra which describes the importance of the Customer towards every business. The existence of any business primarily depends on the customers. No matter how you change your business upside and down customer’s desires are something that will always matter to run your business. So every business owner from small to large businesses is always taking care of their customers.


Regardless of your products and services, your business will not be able to make money until and unless your customers are willing to buy your product or services. Small business owners are struggling with acquiring the right customers for their business due to the lack of appropriate marketing strategies. This is not the case that customers are not interested to buy the product/services, mostly this happens due to customers not even being aware of the product/service that exists. 


For many Small business owners and Handicraft business owners, marketing and Advertising is always a big problem. Nowadays customers are smarter than ever before. Hence to attract your intelligent customers you just need a proper marketing strategy that will help you in increasing your customer base. Here we are presenting the 10 most affordable and important Marketing strategies for your small business. 

#1. Goal Set for Attracting New Customers:

The setting of the goal is one of the most crucial tasks for any business owner. This needs a mindset to set the goal which will motivate you from time to time in achieving the goals.

Some tips for setting your goals

  1. Set your short term and long term goals for acquiring customers.
  2. Start your working on short term goals.

Go for Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) Goals.

Set your Goal

#2. Making an Impact on the Customers with Your Website:


Your customers are much smarter than you. Most of the customers are now aware of the internet and technology, in their day to day life they are using smartphones, laptops, and many more. So if you are a small business owner then you must have in your mind that you have your own website for your product/services. Your website is the entry point of your business, so make it user-friendly and attractive so that your customer will be able to get you online. Your website is a long term asset for your business. Most important thing is to add your contact information like phone number, email id to your website so that users can visit your website and contact you for their desired product/services.

#3.Create your Google My Business (GMB) Page for Attracting more Local Customers:

Google My Business is one of the best free SEO tools for listing your business for locally targeted audiences. Most of the customers are searching for stores or shops near me. In this case, if your business is listed under Google My Business (GMB) then the users will be able to find your business with their queries. Whether it’s a restaurant, a watch shop or a dentist, Google features to give local listings prime placement in the search results. 

#4 Create Social Media Pages for your Business:

According to DataReportal, more than 53% of the Global Population is active on different social media platforms. Hence from this number, we can imagine how social media has changed the way of your business. Social media platforms are used to connect with your targeted audiences to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales. Although there are several social media platforms Facebook has incredibly conquered other platforms. In this way, social media platforms will help you in building your business. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, What’s App business, and Telegram are some of the most commonly used social media platforms for your business promotion. Some Techniques for using the social media strategy for your customers:

  1. Identify which social platforms your customers are using and accordingly set your social media profiles on those platforms.
  2. Post contents related to your business for engaging your audience.
  3. Use of relevant keywords and hashtags.
  4. Post trending contents.

#5.Online Advertising may act as Game Changer for your Business:

The use of smartphones and the internet is now an almost common thing for any individual. People prefer to watch Youtube than Television. From these points, it means that people are searching for things on the internet to follow them. 

Online Advertising is one of the most popular ways to gain the traction of your audience. By spending a minimum budget on different User Generate Campaigns you can get your potential customers. Some of the most popular campaign run platforms are:

  1. Facebook Ads.
  2. Google Ads.
  3. Instagram Ads.
  4. Youtube Ads.

#6. Create the Blog Page of your Business:


Creating a blog page for your business is one of the most superhit ideas for gaining loyal customers. Your blog can retain your customers for a long period. It provides the content to your website and helps the user to make their buying decision. Some of the Key tips for writing a blog.

  1. Understand your customers and write a blog topic which better explains their problems.
  2. Place keywords properly.
  3. Blogs may be uploaded weekly or daily as per the strategy.

#7. Recognize your Competitors:

Competitor analysis plays an important role in each and every business. You must know the niche of your business and accordingly analyze your competitors. You must have the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors so that you can make your strategy accordingly.

  1. Analysis of the industry report.
  2. Analyze competitor’s SEO strategies.
  3. Analysis of their content marketing strategies

Some of the competitor Analysis tools are SEMRUSH, Uber Suggest, AHref, Similar Web.

#8. Apply Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEO):

SEO is the key tactic to bring customers organically to you. Without SEO Blogging and your Website are meaningless. Optimize your post as per the best SEO practice so that it will crawl on the Google Search Engine and will rank on the first page so that your website will get the immediate attention of your customer. For making your website SEO friendly you must take care of the following points.

  1. Do a proper keyword research.
  2. Make SEO friendly Contents.
  3. Do the on-page and off-page optimization of your website so it will rank within a limited period of time.

SEO is a long term serving strategy. So all business owners should take care of the essential component.

#9. Make use of Direct Response Marketing:

Direct Response marketing Enables the audience to be a potential customer by making them complete the necessary steps on the spot. For example: when a customer will fill your lead capture form he/she will provide his/her information to you. One way to attract your customer is to engage them with Call-to-Action.

This type of marketing will help you in generating customers to whom you can reach out for sales, events, newsletters, and other reminders to keep your brand name in their minds.

#10. Offer Something Free or at a Discounted Rate:

People always love to get something for free. For gaining new customers offer some discount on your product/services or give them a PROMO CODE so that they will attract towards your product. For Example: when someone signs up for the first time, offer a discount, a free one-month subscription to different learning platforms, or graphics, software with the trial version.

Attracting Customers to your Business always takes time and patience. Following all the above Strategies will help you in gaining and retaining your customers with you for a longer period. With the help of these strategies, small business and micro business owners will be benefited in terms of gaining customers. Handmade business owners are facing a lot of difficulties in terms of promoting their business due to a lack of market knowledge. So they could not showcase their products to the actual customers. This article will help them pursue their customers like other business owners. Through these techniques, they can also bring their products online so that their product will visible to a large number of audiences who actually need their products/ services. With a minimum effort, and low cost they are able to acquire more customers. Above all Attracting customers is all about some tactical business moves. Making the right use of all platforms will definitely provide you fruitful results. 

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